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Our story

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Sustainable Shift program was born from a partnership between the Founders of Bluebird Leadership and 3P Impact


Cherry and Alan came together as co-conveners of the Australian hub of the community group Inner Development Goals (IDGs). The global IDG community was created after seeing slow progress towards achieving UNSDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), and identified human contributing factors; how we all think, connect and act.


Our mission is to equip your leaders with the mindset, knowledge, and capabilities required to drive positive, lasting change towards sustainability and responsible business practices.

Alan Taylor

Alan is an executive and team coach, supporting leaders and teams in personal and leadership development, transformation and overcoming a wide range of barriers. 

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Alan's story

Alan is an accredited coach (ICF-ACC), who helps individuals at all levels achieve their goals, overcoming challenges along the way. With a deep commitment to creating a sustainable environment, he partners with individuals and teams who seek to transition from intent to action, supporting them in overcoming barriers and hurdles that lie in their path.


His extensive experience coaching leaders, teams and workshop facilitation includes assisting clients identify a vision, overcoming challenges and enabling team cohesion. He is also skilled in Extended DISC Assessments and conflict management coaching.


Alan has a passion for our environment that extends to his work in an international research program with The Climate Coaches. They are assessing the climate culture of organisations, and developing methods that best bring teams together as they work on challenging goals.


He also acts as a co-convener of the Inner Development Goals Australia community and the Climate Coaching Alliance for Australia and New Zealand, where he enjoys helping a dedicated communities enhance their comprehension of the psychological impact of climate change and exploring techniques that can aid them. 

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Cherry Ward

Cherry is a seasoned leader, consultant, facilitator and executive coach, with a holistic approach, specialising in leadership, culture, and sustainability transformation, empowering leaders to drive systemic change. 

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Cherry's story

Cherry is an ecosystem-builder that takes a holistic approach to leadership development and has dedicated her career to empowering others through her work. As a seasoned leader, consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, Cherry brings expertise in leadership, culture, and sustainability transformation.


Before leaving the corporate world, Cherry worked at senior leadership levels across Human Resources in diverse industries and geographies, operating at both strategic and tactical levels. During her 20 years corporate experience, Cherry worked within large and complex organisations and led high-performing teams across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe.


Cherry specialises in empowering leaders to develop their inner capacity for outer systemic change which incorporates regenerative practices and leading organisations to make a lasting impact.

Cherry has formal qualifications in Business (MBA & BBus.), Sustainability/ESG transformation, coaching and a range of tools and diagnostics to support leaders thrive and build sustainable futures.


A lifelong learner and ski enthusiast, Cherry's passion for skiing and adventure has been instrumental in developing her into a resilient and purposeful business leader who thrives in the face of change and adversity. Cherry brings equal parts passion and pragmatism to her work in developing better leaders for a better world.

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