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Book Club

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Welcome to the Sustainable Shift Book Club!

Welcome to the Sustainable Shift Book Club, a gathering of passionate individuals committed to igniting change and shaping a more sustainable future.

In our intimate club, we come together as a community of like-minded individuals, eager to learn, share insights, and explore the latest literature on sustainability, business strategy, leadership, behaviour change, and beyond.

How the book club works

Our book club provides a unique opportunity to delve deep into thought-provoking texts, exchange ideas, and gain new perspectives in a supportive and collaborative environment. With a limited number of spots available and no cost to join, our focus is on fostering meaningful connections and facilitating engaging discussions among members.

Book selection

A book will be carefully selected and the chosen book will cover topics related to sustainability, business strategy, leadership, behaviour change, or other relevant themes.

Reading schedule

Book club members will be provided with a reading schedule outlining which chapters or sections to read before each meeting. This ensures that everyone has ample time to digest the material and come prepared for discussion.

Discussion format

Each book club meeting will follow a structured format to facilitate engaging and insightful discussions and will cover various aspects of the book, including key themes, memorable quotes, thought-provoking ideas, and personal reflections. 


Upcoming book club 

Our next book selection will be Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt. In this insightful book, Rumelt explores the principles of effective strategy and provides a pragmatic approach. 

Join us as we delve into the pages of Good Strategy Bad Strategy, uncovering key strategies for success and discussing how we can apply these principles to drive sustainable shifts in our organisations and communities.

Meeting dates

1st session: Tuesday 5th March : 6pm QLD, 7pm Vic & NSW
2nd session: Tuesday 19th March : 6pm QLD, 7pm Vic & NSW
3rd Session: Tuesday 2nd April : 6pm QLD, 7pm Vic & NSW

4th Session: Tuesday 16th April : 7pm (QLD, Vic and NSW)

Where to purchase a book

You can purchase a paperback, hard cover, Kindle or Audible here

Join the book club

Join the book club and growth with us, exploring sustainability, leadership, and more, as we harness the power of knowledge and collective action to drive sustainable shifts in our lives, organisations, and communities.

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